Recycling & Sustainability Resources

The Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center strives to promote environmental sustainability to the University, local community and all across the state.  A huge part of this mission is accomplished through education and various outreach activities. In this section, you will find information on recycling and sustainability on the UNI campus, locally, and across the state. You will also find information on what the RRTTC is doing specifically and how we are involved in helping to promote recycling and sustainable practices.  


The RRTTC participates in both school and local

company/organizational health fairs.




This water bottle chain was used at a local elementary school as

an educational resource. Americans consume an average of 160

bottles of water per person each year--only 15% of those

are recycled.



Local companies participate in the Earth Day Celebration

on UNI's campus and provide recycling information and

educational materials for students.




Click here to find out where the recycling drop-off sites are located in the Cedar Valley.


Check these links for more information about waste management and waste alternative and recycling programs.



Center for Energy and Environmental Education


Panther Pickup


Recycle Rite


Black Hawk County Solid Waste Commission-Waste Trac


For more information about on-campus recycling at the University of Northern Iowa, click On-Campus Recycling