Earth Week 2014

UNI celebrated Earth Week during the week of April 21-25. The RRTTC hosted several events for students, faculty and staff, and community supporters. On Monday, April 21st, the RRTTC held two free yoga sessions for UNI students. The classes were taught by a UNI yoga instructor, and participants were given a free RRTTC water bottle. On Tuesday, April 22nd, the RRTTC hosted the UNI Earth Day Celebration. 24 campus and community organizations had booths outside of the Union, and over 500 students attended. Later that day, the RRTTC hosted a highway and campus cleanup and held a film screening of Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story. On April 24, the RRTTC hosted a "chew'n'view" film screening. The film In Organics We Trust was shown, and pizza and beverages were provided.


Guest Speaker Tom Wind 

On March 10, 2014, the RRTTC hosted speaker Tom Wind, who gave an informative seminar on LENR: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. LENR was discovered in 1989 by two elctrochemists in Utah. This technology allows controlled fusion of hydrogen into helium in small modular reactors that can fit on a table top.  The result is abundant thermal energy, with no radiation dangers, no radioactive byproducts, and no combustion of fossil fuels.The presentation was taped and made available on YouTube. To view the presentation, click here.


UNI Day at the Capitol

RRTTC Staff ventured down to Des Moines on February 24, 2014 to participate in the UNI Day at the Capitol. The RRTTC had a booth in the Capitol Rotunda along with many other organizations affiliated with UNI to educate legislators and state employees about RRTTC initiatives. Legislators and state employees were invited to take a sustainability quiz for the chance to win a frisbee or reusable coffee mug.



Craft, Plant, and Reuse  

On December 4th, 2013 the RRTTC held a plant and craft time for students in Maucker Union. To promote the reuse of items, the RRTTC gathered plates, bowls and teacups that were not being used so that the students could repurpose them by decorating with Sharpie marker. The UNI Botanical center donated 60 small succulents for students to plant in teacups and take to their dorms. About 50 students came through to help to reuse by either planting a succulent or decorating a dish.




Farmers Market 2013

The RRTTC participated in the Waterloo Farmers Market at the HCVC booth. Children were asked to observe a string of 160 plastic bottles representing the average number of bottles consumed by Americans per year. There were 136 clear bottles, representing the number of bottles thrown away, and 24 green bottles, representing the number of bottles recycled each year by an average American. After sharing the statistics with children via a poster and word of mouth, children were invited to toss plastic bottles into the appropriate bin in order to earn prizes.


The RRTTC participate in the Waterloo Farmers Market at the HCVC booth for a second time. Children were asked to look at pictures that corresponded with colored beads. Children were asked to chose the beads that went along with the healthy pictures. Children then used those beads to make a bracelet to remind them to be healthy and good to the Earth. 


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